Noma Pony(野間馬 ノマウマ)

The Noma (野間馬 ノマウマ) is a pony breed from Noma County, Japan. They originated in the 17th century from Mongolian stock, and are the smallest native ponies from that country, standing about up to 10.1 to 10.3 hh. The ponies are used for draft and riding. They are one of the 8 recognized native horse breeds in Japan.

The breed is currently being preserved as local cultural heritage. At one point the population was as low as six. It rebounded to the point that by December, 1988, there were 27 pure Noma ponies. But as of 2008 there are now 84 purebred ponies in existence. - Purchase Domain Names Worldwide - Be Your Own Boss - My Personal Blog - Investment Blog - Japan Animal Blog

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