Over 70 dogs perish in Nara pet shop fire

Over 70 dogs perish in Nara pet shop fire

Monday 08th February, 09:07 AM JST


A fire broke out in a pet dealer’s premises in Katsuragi City in Nara Prefecture, on Sunday evening, burning two wooden bungalow-style dog houses totaling nearly 85 square meters. Between 70-80 dogs perished in the fire at Wan Wan House, police said, adding they have not determined the cause of the blaze.

According to police, the dog houses were built with no walls and poles supporting the roof. A total of three dog houses held 250 dogs of breeds such as bulldogs, dachshunds and Shih Tzu.

No one was in the area at the time. The 62-year-old owner told police he had been using a kerosene stove to keep the animals warm. Neighbors called 119 when they noticed the fire at about 6:30 p.m..

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