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"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

— Thomas Jefferson Posted via email from Bushido Bryan's Posterous

"Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."

— Napoleon Hill Posted via email from Bryan Hays's

Japanese Wildlife Translations

鳥(とり) bird 猫(ねこ)  cat 犬(いぬ) dog 馬(うま) horse 豚(ぶた) pig 牛(うし) cow 蛙(かえる)frog 魚(さかな)fish 狸(たぬき)raccoon 狐(きつね)fox 熊(くま)bear 鯉(こい)carp 猿(さる) monkey 狼(おおかみ) wolf 虎(とら)tiger 蛇(へび)snake 羊(ひつじ)sheep 鮭(さけ)salmon トンボ dragon fly ライオン lion ゾウ  elephant バッタ grasshopper テントウムシ ladybug アリ ant イルカ dolphin ウサギ rabbit ネズミ mouse アザラシ seal カバ  hippopotamus リス squirrel 蟹(かに) crab 蛍 (ほたる)firefly 海老(えび) shrimp 麒麟(きりん) giraffe 蜘蛛 (くも)spider 亀(かめ) turtle 鯨(くじら) whale 鮫(さめ)  shark シマウマ zabra ワニ crocodile ニワトリ chicken ラクダ ラッコ モグラ トナカイ カタツムリ 鹿 トカゲ サイ

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative."

— Charles Mingus Posted via web from Chiba, Japan's Posterous

Monkey netted after escape from Ueno Zoo | The Japan Times Online

via A wild Japanese macaque that surprised Ueno Zoo by escaping Sunday was recaptured about six hours later after being spotted in the vicinity of a nearby restaurant. Born to be: Wild Japanese macaques captured last year in Aomori Prefecture are shown to the public for the first time Sunday at Ueno Zoo in Taito Ward, Tokyo. KYODO PHOTO The monkey, part of a group of 23 saved from culling in Aomori Prefecture, was captured with a net in a stairwell leading to the basement of the restaurant in Tokyo's Taito Ward. "Unlike monkeys that have grown up in zoos, these are not used to humans," an official said. "The monkey may have become overly excited by its new environment." Japanese macaques have been designated a national treasure. The group at the zoo grew up wild on Shimokita Peninsula and were being publicly displayed for the first time Sunday. Ueno Zoo received the monkeys from Mutsu last April after learning o

Animal Planet will turn 'The Cove' into a TV show

LOS ANGELES -- Fans of "The Cove," the environmentally themed film that won the feature documentary Oscar on Sunday night, will be happy to know there's more where that came from. A television series about the controversial dolphin trade in Japan, tentatively titled "Dolphin Warriors," has been greenlighted by Animal Planet. The series picks up where the movie left off and, like the film, stars animal activist Ric O'Barry. Two episodes of the series -- being executive-produced by O'Barry's son, Lincoln -- have been completed, although a premiere date has yet to be announced, Ric O'Barry said. Animal Planet says the series may premiere in the fall, after "The Cove" premieres on the channel this summer. "The Cove" tells the story of an annual rite in Taiji, Japan, where fisherman sell dolphins into captivity or kill them for meat. As depicted in the film, the practice is cruel and the dolphin meat contains risky leve

Japanese Knotweed problem to be 'tackled' by bug

An insect is to be used to tackle the spread of Japanese Knotweed, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has announced. A bug called a psyllid will be used to fight against the non-native plant, which is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world's 100 worst invasive species. Currently, it costing the UK economy over £150 million a year to control and clear the weed, which grows at a rate of up to a metre a month. It can push through tarmac, concrete and drains and destroys habitats for native species. Wildlife minister Huw Irranca-Davies said: "These tiny insects, which naturally prey on Japanese Knotweed, will help free local authorities and industry from the huge cost of treating and killing this devastating plant." It follows the launch of another government campaign last month, which aims to highlight problems with non-native garden pond plants.


If you want respect you must show respect. Posted via web from Chiba, Japan's Posterous

Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale Off Sushi Plates - CNBC

US News Page 1 of 5 | Next Page Show Entire Article Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale Off Sushi Plates The New York Times | March 09, 2010 | 11:49 AM EST It is sport among black belt sushi eaters here to see just how daring one’s palate can be. But even among the squid-chomping, roe-eating and uni-nibbling fans, whale is almost unheard of on the plate. It also happens to be illegal. Yet with video cameras and tiny microphones, the team behind Sunday’s Oscar-winning documentary film “The Cove” orchestrated a Hollywood-meets-Greenpeace-style covert operation to ferret out what the authorities say is illegal whale meat at one of this town’s most highly regarded sushi destinations. Their work, undertaken in large part here last week as the filmmakers gathered for the Academy Awards ceremony, was coordinated with law enforcement officials, who said Monday that they were likely to bring charges against the restaurant, the Hump, for violating federal laws against selling mar

Ezo Bear

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a cat -test by Extender 1.4x II + EF70-200mmF4L -

a cat -test by Extender 1.4x II + EF70-200mmF4L - , originally uploaded by Takanyo .

Happy Dog

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