Monkey netted after escape from Ueno Zoo | The Japan Times Online

A wild Japanese macaque that surprised Ueno Zoo by escaping Sunday was recaptured about six hours later after being spotted in the vicinity of a nearby restaurant. Born to be: Wild Japanese macaques captured last year in Aomori Prefecture are shown to the public for the first time Sunday at Ueno Zoo in Taito Ward, Tokyo. KYODO PHOTO The monkey, part of a group of 23 saved from culling in Aomori Prefecture, was captured with a net in a stairwell leading to the basement of the restaurant in Tokyo's Taito Ward. "Unlike monkeys that have grown up in zoos, these are not used to humans," an official said. "The monkey may have become overly excited by its new environment." Japanese macaques have been designated a national treasure. The group at the zoo grew up wild on Shimokita Peninsula and were being publicly displayed for the first time Sunday. Ueno Zoo received the monkeys from Mutsu last April after learning of the city's plan to trim the growing population.

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