Rare Butterflies To Debut In Cincinnati Butterfly Show Features Species From Japan

CINCINNATI -- Thousands of butterflies are making the trip from Japan to Cincinnati.

The Krohn Conservatory will host its 15th Annual Butterfly Show beginning on Saturday. This year, the theme is butterflies from Japan.

"They have never been exhibited outside of the country of Japan so this is the first time ever," said Andrea Schepmann, general manager of the conservatory.

The butterflies are being shipped from Japan as chrysalis, which is the pupal stage between when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. They're not shipped as caterpillars because those require food and can be problematic during shipping.

Getting the butterflies to the Krohn Conservatory is a bit more complicated than just putting them in the mail. The chrysalises have to go through customs in Los Angeles before making it to Cincinnati.

"They have to through the inspection ports, USDA, as well as Fish and Wildlife. If all the paperwork is not correct, they could get held up there," said Schepmann.

Once they make it through all the red tape, the chrysalises are delivered by FedEx and begin their metamorphosis.

There will be 75 different species of butterfly on display, including the Spring Venus. The exhibit begins Saturday and runs through June 20.

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