Dog Death Row

Dog death row... 250,000 cats and dogs gassed each year in Japan - News On Japan by on Oct 22, 2011 10:42 PM A puppy scratches at a window in a pitiful attempt to escape the horror which is about to unfold. Minutes later the pedigree Japanese Akita is among a large group of dogs led into a "dream box", execution chamber which will be pumped full of carbon dioxide. As the deadly gas slowly fills the box it takes 10 minutes for the barking inside to die down into heart-breaking whimpers. And as the dogs writhe in agony, it takes another 20 minutes before their twitching bodies are finally still. The animals have just become the latest batch of the 200,000 cats and dogs which will be gassed to death in Japan this year. The euphemistically named dream boxes where they spend their final moments are fully mechanised gas chambers housed in health centres called hokenjos. There are 108 in Japan and they each kill an average of 550 animals a day. (